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ST. ANN History



St. Ann’s was established and built in 1902 to serve the 23 Catholic families in the area. Before that time, Catholics of this area attended Mass in Millerville. The reason the families had asked to build a Church in Brandon, is because some of them didn’t have horses to drive to get to Mass. At that time, they came up with $1,200 to build a Church. The Church frame was constructed at the cost of $2,759. This was constructed by the first 23 families. Father James Walcher, was the first priest to celebrate Mass in St. Ann’s Catholic Church.


On January 7th 1959, the family of Mark Kelly, including the father, three sons and two daughters, perished in a fire. This became a huge shock to the family and community. Only the mother survived.


The original Church was located across the street from the current structure, where a bell memorial is now located. Because of parish growth, the original church was enlarged in 1915 Construction for the new Church began the first week in May, 1967 and the first Mass was Christmas Eve of that same year. Bishop Speltz blessed the new church on September 29th, 1968. The cost of the new church was $200,000 and seats 325.

The 2000’s

In 2000, the parish adopted the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Barbacoas, Venezuela as their sister parish. In 2008, St. Ann’s became part of the Brandon, Urbank, Millerville, Parkers Prairie cluster. The parish now consists of approximately 350 members and is currently working on a building project.

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