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Our Lady of the Lake

Our Lady of the Lake Church started with the formation of the Parish in 1953 in Battle Lake Minnesota. There were a total of five (5) church buildings. The first church was the old Otter Tail County Courthouse and used from 1953 to 1954. The second church building was used from 1954 until 1980 and was called the Winter Church because it was used in the winter when the summertime visitors had left, and church crowds were smaller. The third larger church structure was used from 1964 until 1980 and was where Mass was held during the summer months, hence it was named the Summer Church. The fourth church structure which was used from 1980 until 2009, lives on as part of our new church building as St. Joseph Fellowship Hall.  The current church was dedicated in 2009 by Bishop Kinney of the St. Cloud Diocese. 

Our Lady of the Lake Current Church 2009 to Present

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